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I build a hollow home for the shroud of complexities that is the individual. Sentient beings hold an internal interaction within themselves, and external interactions with those they come in contact with. I am inspired by how culture and the struggle for individuality create a dual-life for human beings. There is the outside world and the marks we leave on it, and our own secret place we create for ourselves that allows us to escape from everything. Each human life has its own algorithm with endless inputs and outputs. I covet the individual; my art celebrates the intricacy, style and personality of characters and how inner and outer occurrences affect them as they struggle through the spontaneity that is life. 

Received my BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Currently animating for independent film maker, Chris Sullivan, on his new feature film The Orbit of Minor Satellites



Everything Must Go! Art Fair. Heaven Gallery. Chicago, IL. 2016

Women in Print. Woman Made Gallery. Chicago, IL. 2015

reFrag: Glitch. Parsons Paris. Paris, France. 2015.

Robot Love 3D. Renee Foosaner Art Museum. Melbourne, FL. 2015

Senior Thesis piece “Working” installed in the Fall 2014 BFA Show. Sullivan galleries, Chicago IL. 2014

Secret of the High Priestess. 4th Floor Gallery, Chicago IL. 2014

Animation "Nothing Essential Happens in the Absence of Noise" Screened at CalArts, Valencia CA. 2014

Three paintings displayed at Select Fair. Manhattan NYC. 2014

Incognito. The Observatory, Chicago IL. 2014

Spectratone III. Reggies Bar, Chicago IL. 2012

Sweat Shop Summer Camp. 6 West Madison, Chicago IL. 2012

Spectratone II. Reversible Eye Gallery, Chicago IL. 2012

Art Bash 2011. Betty Rymer Gallery, Chicago, IL. 2011

Robot Love Version 2.0. West Melbourne, FL. 2010


No Nation Gallery. Chicago, IL:

5 3 N S 3 N () ‡ - Vol. 999. 2016

S E N S E N O T V O L 4 4 4 F L E S H T I V A L de m A R T E. 2016

Transversing the Imaginary Castration. 2014


Logan Square Tattoo. Chicago, IL:

The Cover(s) Art Show. 2016

F*cking Ridiculous: The Art Show. 2016 

100 and Under. 2016

Childhood Revisited. 2016


Egad! Art Lab. Eau Gallie, FL:

DATA-Moshing. 2011

Tora! Tora! 2011

Agua. 2011­

Stay Frosty. 2012

Just When I Found You. 2012


Slow Gallery. Melbourne, FL:

Candimonium. 2009

The Gift Show. 2009

LOVE. 2010

Next in Line. 2010



Children of the Light: Olivia Rogers Solo Exhibition. Slow Gallery, Melbourne FL. 2013



Assistant Curator/ Operations, Robot Love 2.0. Melbourne, FL. 2009

Curator: Next in Line. Slow Gallery, Melbourne, FL. 2010

Curator of solo exhibition Children of the Light. Christopher Maslow Gallery. 2013

Curator of visual art in Spectratone III. Reggies Bar, 2013



Illustrator, Modus Operandi, Melbourne, FL. 2008

Mustard’s Last Stand Outdoor Murals (3), Melbourne, FL. 2010-2011

Sea Park Elementary Outdoor Murals (3), Melbourne, FL. 2011-2012

Staff Photographer: The Walk- Fashion on the Green, Chicago, IL. 2011

Shop Assistant at The Columbus Wood/Metal shop at SAIC. 2012-2014

Painting Instructor at Corks & Brushes. Chicago, IL. 2015

Table at Chicago Zine Fest. Chicago, IL. 2016

Table at Chicago Alternative Comics Expo. Chicago, IL. 2016

Toy Designer at T.S. Shure. Chicago, IL. 2016